Home Bundle Plans

Home Bundle Plans

Add more services, get bigger benefits

KRW 42,900 per month

Based on Giga internet Lite + B tv All + Basic Plan(VoIP), Tax included

About the Plan

A great way to bundle SKB services of broadband internet, phone and TV and get the best prices.

  • We recommend this bundle plan to customers

    Who want to subscribe to and use Internet, phone and TV simultaneously

Monthly Fee (Tax included)

  • Internet TV Home Phone 3-Year contract 2-Year contract 1-Year contract
    Smart Direct B tv All Basic Plan KRW 37,400 KRW 51,150 KRW 56,925
    B tv Lite KRW 34,100 KRW 47,850 KRW 53,625
    B tv Basic KRW 30,800 KRW 43,450 KRW 48,125
    Giga Internet Lite B tv All Basic Plan KRW 42,900 KRW 57,200 KRW 67,650
    B tv Lite KRW 41,800 KRW 55,000 KRW 64,900
    B tv Basic KRW 38,500 KRW 50,600 KRW 59,400
    • STB rental fee not included.
    • Your discount will depend on the plan you select for your home.
    • The monthly rates shown for bundle offers featuring the Giga Internet Lite plan and B tv All plan (or above) already reflect our bundle discounts for core SK Broadband product plans.

Discount Amount (Tax included)

  • Plans 3-Year contract 2-Year contract 1-Year contract
    Internet Smart Direct KRW -2,200 KRW -1,100 KRW -550
    WiFi Integrated KRW -1,100 KRW -550 KRW -275
    Giga Internet KRW -5,500 KRW -2,750 KRW -1,375
    WiFi Integrated
    TV B tv Basic or above KRW -2,200 KRW -1,100 KRW -550
    VoIP Basic Plan KRW -1,100 KRW -550 KRW -275

STB Rental Fee (Based on 3-Year contract, Tax included)

  • AI 2 STB KRW 6,600
    Smart 3 STB KRW 4,400
    Smart 2 STB KRW 4,400
    AI STB KRW 6,600
    UHD STB KRW 4,400
    Smart STB KRW 3,300
    HD STB KRW 2,200
Please Note
  • Your monthly bill will change if you sign up for the Giga Internet plan (or above).
  • You will not be eligible for our bundle discount offers if you do not meet the terms of the bundle discount e.g. termination of SK Broadband services, change of product plan, etc.
  • You will be eligible for a double discount if you bundle your internet-mobile phone plans as well. SK Broadband will offer an internet plan that delivers great savings on your monthly bill (double discounts not available with “welfare discount” offers).
  • The Home Bundle Plan is available for both new and existing customers. Even if you have already signed up for a bundle discount offer, you will be eligible for the benefits attached to the Home Bundle Plan if you choose to sign up for a new service contract with SK Broadband.
  • However, please note that SK Broadband will charge a termination fee (equivalent to the sum amount of savings offered through the bundle discount) if you terminate your contract within the originally agreed-upon contract period, or if you reduce the term of your contract with SK Broadband.